Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Alive! (1974)

Back in the summer of 1974 I was seven. Advertised was a horror film called "It's Alive!", about an evil, deformed newborn baby. The trailers terrified me. Last weekend, I watched it.

Funny thing about Netflix. I find I'm not watching movies that fit my blog criteria. The old BBC version of the Hitch Hikers Guide, episodes of BS, and various newer movies and documentaries. Good stuff, but not my Blog's scope. It's Alive is only somewhat close.

Old ugly couple have an evil baby that kills the entire delivery room (except mom), then escapes. Mom wants her baby back, dad wants it killed. In fact, HE wants to be the one to kill it. Incompetent police are investigating.

Random lady is killed, milkman is killed, a cop or two bites it. Monster baby goes back to Mom and Dad's house and dad pops a cap in it. Now it's real angry.

Skip to storm tunnels. Dad finds baby and falls in love with it. Police surround him and threaten to shoot. He tosses the baby, or it jumps, and the cops kill it. I don't know. I was so damn bored with this piece of trash I didn't really care.

There was a sequel, there was a remake. I won't be watching either. The trailer was way scarier than the movie. This is the closest I can get to the trailer I remember. Unfunny, not scary, boring, unappealing. It's Alive sucked. I could say I'm glad I watched it in a cathartic sense, but I won't. AMRU 2. I'm being generous.