Monday, March 2, 2009

Forbidden Planet (1956)

 Anne Francis was HOT!

Movie seven mentioned in the song Science Fiction/Double Feature.

It has been said that Gene Roddenberry modeled Star Trek after this movie, and if it isn't true, it sure seems like it. Star Trek look and feel, Star Trek plot, Star Trek "love" story, Star Trek conclusion. A Federation of Planets ship is sent to check in on a scientific outpost that they haven't heard from in twenty years (it's about time).

Walter Pidgeon is the marooned survivor, Anne Francis is his hot daughter, Leslie Nielson is the dashing commander, and introducing Robby the Robot. Also, it was cool to see Richard Anderson whom people my age will remember as Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man.

The movie was a bit slow to get going, but the sets and effects were amazing considering the era. I give it 3.5 AMRU's.

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