Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unknown World (1951)

A band of scientists, convinced the world faces certain nuclear annihilation, decides the only logical thing would be to stick their heads in the sand. Literally.

Financed by the playboy son of a newspaper tycoon, they construct an art deco vehicle to tunnel to the earth's core searching for a subterranean Eden. What wondrous things will they find on the way?

The movie would have been a little better had they found some wondrous things along the way. In fact, all they find are boulders, poisonous gas, and plenty of reasons to bicker. No mole people, no hot Amazonians, just stiff science types walking around carlsbad caverns in black and white. They start by dispelling the silly old wives tale that the earth is made up of magma and a solid core. Actually, it's made up of caverns and passageways for great adventure to happen. Or boring subplots, whichever is cheaper to film.

Do our intrepid travellers find an underground Eden where humanity can restart, and not bring their weapons? Do they all perish trying? Will you be awake at the end of the movie? Won't say, but if you have any sense, you won't try to find out. Quite skippable. Slow pace, little real action, poor video quality. AMRU 2.

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