Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dick Tracy (1945)

City detective Tracy (Morgan Conway) is investigating several murders that follow the same M.O. but otherwise do not appear connected. Tess Trueheart (Anne Jeffreys) is his frustrated and hungry girlfriend. Nuff said.

I added a few Roku channels and when checking them out took a closer look at Pub-D-Hub. I know, awful name. Still, it had a large collection of public domain movies that might prove interesting. Dick Tracy was one of the first. I had no intent on watching the whole thing, I was just curious what it was like. I ended up seeing it all, and it turns out it wasn't at all what I expected.

What? No radio watches? No flying trash cans? It did have a gangster villain with a weird name (splitface, he had a scar across his face, you see) but that was it. Really it was a kid-friendly detective movie. That's all. This is the first of four in a series of Tracy on the big screen. After the second they totally recast the lot. Hate it when they do that.

So, back to Jeffreys. Maybe you remember her from a series of very low budget and forgettable movies throughout the forties. No? Or maybe you remember her from various TV appearances during the fifties and sixties? No? How about from crappy reoccurring characters in the seventies, eighties, and nineties? Never at a loss for work, the ninety year old broad is appearing in a film opening NEXT year. Have to respect that.

Well, I enjoyed Dick Tracy. Not overly spectacular. Mediocre acting but the story held my interest, and at just over an hour, pleasantly brief. AMRU 3.

Back to Pub-D-Hub. It stands for Public Domain Hub, and they offer a PREMIUM service for a whopping two big ones. That is, two bucks. A year. After Dick Tracy, I decided they deserved the two dollars and subscribed. I wanted the Roku so that I could watch Neflix in my bedroom. With content like this, I want another for the living room.

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