Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Awful Dr. Orlof (1962)

or "Gritos en la noche" - Screams in the Night. I always like the original title better.

Pretty women go missing. Because they are of questionable virtue, the coppers don't care. When a young-ish and ambitious detective is assigned to the case, he takes it seriously. Oh, and he is newly engaged to a hot, young ballerina. That plays into this.

It appears the Awful Doctor is doing nothing more than trying to save his poor daughter. Seems she was terribly scarred and in order to save her, he must make her beautiful again. It's a medical fact. So, what does the doctor order? Dead chicks from which he must harvest their skin. Apparently he never heard of that Olay crap.

Anyhow, he doesn't do the killing himself. That would be terribly risky. Instead he sends his blind mute simpleton assistant, Morpho. He simply stands in front tapping his cane so Morpho knows where to walk. Orloff saved Morpho years earlier from prison by making him temporarily dead. Being the prison doctor at the time made that fairly simple.

Let's talk about dubbed movies. Does it seem sometimes the people voicing the English dialog have no regard for the movie they are working on? The goofy intonation occasionally took me completely out of the picture. I wonder if the original sounded like that, or if the American voice-over actors were trying to get as many movies in as possible before lunch.

Creepy setting, nice sets, good story, and very much appreciated, totally gratuitous nudity. Morpho's makeup was both cheesy and creepy. Clearly they made a false face and applied it making it appear like it was stitched on. It both worked and didn't at the same time. I'll call it a success, considering the genre. AMRU 3. If the dubbing was done well, it might have scored a half point higher.

Seems I got a false start on my October horror-fest. The theme this year is Dracula and Dracula-esque movies, but I don't seem to be able to get my filthy hands on them. But fear not. TCM to the rescue. In the meantime, I am plopping off what I can find.
"Morpho only pawn in game of life."

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