Thursday, March 12, 2015

Charade (1963)

Pretty wife of luxury (Audrey Hepburn) announces she will divorce her husband, but he turns up dead before she can. His former business partners arrive demanding their share of his loot, putting her life in danger. Dashing Peter (Cary Grant) turns up to "help out". She doesn't know if she can trust him but does anyway.

Something about Charade reads like a Hitchcock film. Many people (myself included) have confused it for one. After a few minutes, however, it's clearly not. Charade has this 60's-Euro-Cheesy Music vibe to it that Hitch would never have done. Sorry, Henry. The music was kinda cheesy.

Not the most mysterious of mysteries. Not the most comedic of comedies. Not the most romantic of, well, whatever. It's no Hitchcock movie, but not bad overall. Audrey Hepburn was adorable and Cary Grant was Cary Grant, even when on the cusp of 60. AMRU 3.
Alexander Dyle: All right, get set for the story of my life.
Reggie Lampert: Fiction or non-fiction?

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