Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Circus (1928)

The Tramp joins the circus. Oh, you wanted more? Well, then ... he falls in love with a woman way to young for him and there's this funny horse. Oddly, much else to say ...

Oona and CharlieThis is Chaplin's last film during the "silent era". He would do two more films in pantomime before retiring the style. Chaplin's second teen bride Lita Grey served him divorce papers during production. oddly, it was Grey who convinced Chaplin to hire Merna Kennedy as leading lady, maybe knowing that she was on the cusp of twenty and therefore too old for Charlie's tastes. The divorce along with fires, stolen equipment, and scratched negatives led Chaplin to a nervous breakdown. If ever he needed to score with an under aged hottie, it was then. Sadly, Oona was fifteen years away. And three years old at the time. Poor Charlie.

There's nothing real special to recommend The Circus. It's well made and has no serious flaws, but that's about it. Some bits were funny, others not so much. Lowly tramp is under appreciated, love triangle, cruel boss. Insert bits on high wire and with animals and presto, circus. No emotional hook like previous Chaplin films. And no time travelers. AMRU 3.

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