Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fright Night (1967)

Strange craft crashes near a lake and NASA covers it up. Hanky Panky youths park near said lake and are brutally murdered. Strange footprints are found near the scene and grizzled cop (John Agar) investigates.

Recently I watched American Scary, a documentary about Horror Hosts. You know, those people that dress up and introduce horrible movies late at night on local TV stations, ala Elvira. It was mentioned that host Gore de Vol was still doing this on the internet (there is no such thing as local programming anymore). I had to check it out.

Turns out that if you subscribe to the Roku channel Vimeo, you can subscribe to Count Gore TV there and watch his movies on that fabulous little Roku box. Fright Night was the most recent one.

For starters, don't confuse this movie with Fright Night. Or Fright Night for that matter. Nor should you confuse it with Fright Night or even Fright Night. In addition, it shouldn't be confused with Fright Night or Fright Night. I hope I cleared that up. This Fright Night is a very low budget, made for TV horror movie and is quite skipable. Acting was weak at best, the story unoriginal, and the production value was minimal. On top of that, the video quality was poor. Can't complain too much as Gore uses only public domain sources for obvious reasons. There are no charges or advertising for Vimeo or the Count's channel. The best thing I can say is it wasn't painful to watch. Just uninteresting.

But the interesting part of the program was Count Gore de Vol and his shtick. The premise is that it's another new year's eve and his love, the Countess, is failing to appear yet again for his party. She does appear but brings her Fiancee, a computer nerd. Ah, the indignities.

Quite unrehearsed, it was somewhat charming. There was very little chatter about the movie, which I was expecting, and I'll give it another try. Not sure how many he produces in a year. For the movie at hand, though, AMRU 2.

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